Features Of Extreme Industrial Motherboard

industrial motherboard

NEXCOM Industrial Motherboard lines are tailored for industrial computer systems that require rugged, high performance and advanced capabilities in high volume production systems. It is one of the most used motherboard types worldwide. NEX COM is manufactured with a modular structure and high performance dual core processors. The motherboard utilizes PCI Express slots for fast data access and sharing. The device also utilizes AGP and USB for connecting the various electronic components of the industrial computer system.

The new Extreme Pro Series of NEXCOM industrial motherboards features extreme temperature range with extended warranty period. Extreme Pro 3.0 motherboard guarantees robust performance under extreme conditions. Users can get the advantage of high quality and performance in various applications. Users can make extensive use of the PCI Express slot for attaching graphics cards and hard disk drives. Besides this, it has been equipped with eight expansion slots for connecting external peripheral devices.

The latest Extreme motherboard in the series has excellent stability and durability along with high level of available bandwidth. The ultra modern and sleek design of Extreme motherboard is compatible with a wide range of processors. The product range offered by the company includes PCI Express based motherboards for low power consumption and cooling. These motherboards are available with standard and high capacity computer circuit board.

This is one of the highly accepted brand in the global markets. This company produces various specialized motherboards for industrial use. They provide easy installation and reliable performance. You can easily install these industrial motherboards in your computer systems by following the simple installation steps mentioned in the manual.

NEX com’s motherboard products have got great demand among various computer system and business organizations. The company has successfully rolled out its product portfolio targeting different segments of the market. Extreme motherboard is a good example of high quality and reliability which is unmatched. This factor has made it one of the highly recommended forms of industrial computing.

The single board computer system is used to replace the old central processing unit (CPU) computers in most of the industrial sites. These industrial motherboard systems are equipped with single or double core CPU running on high speed. They are mostly used in medium to big scaled projects and applications. They can support most of the software available for general purpose computers. If you need to upgrade your old PC or require upgrading your present PC, there are many companies which provide easy option of replacement.