Benefits of Rugged Monitor Touchscreen Technology in Lake Success, NY

Rugged touchscreen monitors are specially constructed to withstand harsh environments, from extreme weather conditions and abusive usage, such as water and dust ingress to high-pressure jets of water. Furthermore, their ruggedized designs help them stand the test of time.

Optic bonding strengthens LCD protection in rugged devices by physically blocking dust, liquid and moisture from entering between its layers and reaching any vulnerable spots. Furthermore, optical bonding enhances touch accuracy and increases shock resistance.

It is designed to be used in harsh environments

Rugged monitor touchscreens are built for use in hostile environments. Military personnel deploying this equipment require it to withstand strong vibrations, voltage fluctuations, extreme temperature fluctuations, water, dust, oils and sunlight conditions – such as found in MRAP vehicles, handheld navigation units or other specialized equipment – which means it must perform flawlessly under any circumstance.

Getac’s LumiBond 2.0 technology provides the brightest display available for rugged devices on the market today, delivering unrivalled contrast, color saturation and viewing angle performance for an exceptional viewing experience. Additionally, this robust solution can withstand higher levels of moisture ingress (IP67 to IP69K) for washdown applications and high-pressure water jets without becoming inoperable.

These rugged displays come equipped with sunlight readable capabilities that make them suitable for outdoor use, enabling users to comfortably operate their devices under direct sunlight without straining their eyes.

It is more durable than the average screen

Rugged touchscreen monitors are constructed to withstand industrial applications that demand heavy-duty use. These devices are built to withstand adverse weather conditions, exposure to dust and water, abusive usage patterns and drops of six feet or more without succumbing to wear-and-tear damage.

Outdoor devices must be visible even under direct sunlight and must have enough brightness to remain legible under bright sun rays – this requires high-brightness displays such as LumiBond 2.0 technology to achieve brightness levels that surpass 200 nits.

These HMI monitors are perfect for use in various applications, such as point of sale, public information and interactive signage. Constructed to withstand vibrations and shocks without risk of damage due to fanless technology, these displays come with various mounting options including being panel mounted into an enclosure or VESA mounts for convenient mounting options.

It is faster

Touch screens work by activating an electrical charge which registers as input. This signal then goes to a software program which performs its associated function – making this technology especially suitable for applications requiring fast processing speeds.

Rugged touchscreens are designed for use in harsh environments and offer resistance against moisture, dust, dirt, high temperatures and viewing angle restrictions – perfect for industrial applications!

Xenarc offers rugged LCD all-weather touch screen solutions that can be integrated into an industrial PC monitor, embedded box PC or all-in-one panel computer. Each of our solutions can be tailored specifically for any application using resistive, capacitive or PCAP touch technology – offering flexibility depending on your application needs. E-Mark certified models meet industrial temperature ranges while remaining an E-mark solution!

It is easier to clean

Rugged touchscreens are built to withstand shock and vibration, but they’re not immune to dirt and debris buildup that could compromise them. Without proper cleaning, touchscreens may become inresponsive, malfunction or display incorrect data – an especially essential consideration in industrial environments.

As the first step, first remove dust and smudges from your screen with a dry cloth. Make sure you use something non-linting like microfiber towel; otherwise avoid paper towels, Kleenex tissues, toilet paper and old cotton rags which could contain wood fibers which could scratch it further.

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Dampen the cloth with water or an appropriate cleaning solution compatible with your touchscreen and then gently wipe its surface in a circular motion – take care not to apply too much pressure as doing so could harm its sensitive LCD display.