An Introduction to the IP65 Touch Monitor

ip65 touch monitor

It’s an easy mistake to make when purchasing an ip65 touch monitor. You want an IP65 screen for outdoor use, so naturally you seek out one which has an IP65 mark. An IP 65 mark technically means the monitor is waterproof and sealed from dust ingression. This isn’t to say that a brand without an IP65 mark is faulty. Many manufacturers have been successful in providing an IP65 Rated monitor even without this marking.

The problem with purchasing an ip65 touch monitor with an IP65 mark is that it is not waterproof and will be damaged by a submersion into water. If the water gets to the IP 65 touch panel, you will have problems, as the panel is no longer waterproof. If it is damaged by submersion it will be destroyed. If water gets to the surface of the panel where a projector or other device can be plugged in to, you can have permanent damage too.

If you purchase an ip65 touch monitor with an IP65 mark and intend to use it outside then make sure you get an ip65 rated monitor or a fully sealed monitor. If you get a regular unprotected monitor then it’s likely that you will have problems with it getting damaged by dust, humidity and heat. Dust will get into the electronics, but especially if the user works hard in front of a computer or spray bottles of cleaning agent. If the user is outdoors they should wear a dust mask at all times. The dust will make a huge difference in how long the monitor last.

A regular monitor will have a high brightness LED and VGA connections, however an IP65 will have a much higher maximum output than either of these. The reason for this is because it has a resistive touch feature which means it will respond very quickly to your touch. This means that a high level of responsiveness is necessary for a user. However this also means there will be a much smaller font and much less room for moving information around on the screen.

An important thing to note about an ip65 touch screen protector is that it will not work in high levels of brightness. The brightness of outdoor use will make a huge difference in how bright the text can be on the monitor. This means you should make sure you are using the monitor outdoors and that you are not leaving it in bright sunlight or you could end up damaging the display. This is why many people choose to use monitors with low luminance outputs.

When looking for an ip65 monitor consider whether you will need a separate monitor to view videos and data on. The video out plugs often include an RCA cable but they can be expensive to replace. Other models only accept a standard RCA connection. Some models will also incorporate a VGA connection into the monitor which makes it very convenient to use.