What Options Do You Have When it Comes to Interacting With Your Interactive Video Wall?

interactive video wall

An Interactive Video Wall is an effective display solution that sees your information or message displayed even larger than life! An interactive touch screen wall that features an i-wall system, built-in lighting and other technical wizardry will indeed create a striking effect on the faces of visitors. With an i-wall system, viewers are attracted not only to the performance and the full scale, but also the design – which could make this a truly effective display! This is an innovation that lets you present information in ways that have never been possible before, and these systems are revolutionizing the way that we use computers and display information.

The possibilities with i-wall technology are nearly endless. Not only can you use it to display your own media, but you can also employ it for business and retail purpose, providing interactive wall panels as part of the package for a range of purposes. Not only can you use it to display your media, but you can also use it to display your media as part of a live streaming television series. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. These walls, when properly set up, look as stunning as any normal wall or glass display, and your users will be able to interact with your content just as if they were in front of the screen themselves!

These interactive video wall screens can be used to display media that cannot be easily changed into a more traditional format such as a CD or DVD. In the case of digital multimedia presentations, interactive video wall screens can be used for 3D media presentations, allowing the user to see the presentation as though they are actually watching it right from their computer monitor! Other standard interactive display formats such as VGA, HDMI and Display Port connections are available to connect your displays to your computer. Some may require a dedicated VGA cable, and therefore may need to be purchased extra.

When it comes to a truly interactive video wall design, the walls need to have some way of playing audio and video back to your visitors. For this reason, many companies will rent out a sound system, or purchase one that they can incorporate into the display. An inexpensive way to add audio to a video wall installation is to simply purchase an iPod Video player. Most iPods come equipped with a built in microphone, and it’s very simple to use to incorporate that into your interactive wall design. Some companies may not have a player available, or may be fine with using a standard CD player as an option – it all depends on the type of wall display, and how close the display is to the operator’s work station.

Some people don’t want to purchase display systems, and would rather make their own interactive video wall designs. Creating these types of designs can take a lot of time, especially if you are attempting to replicate an actual environment which you have seen elsewhere. The other option is to simply hire someone to create the display for you. This can be expensive, but it can also be less expensive than buying retail. There are also websites where you can find and purchase the materials needed to build a wall which contains interactive multimedia presentations. These websites generally allow you to get the video wall system free of charge, and then you only have to pay for the audio system or projector which you wish to use with your display once the project is complete.

As you can see, there are a few different options when it comes to displaying your wall. While the standard definition picture is enough to show a visitor what your wall looks like, if you really want to impress them, you should think about getting these multimedia wall displays and speakers. You’ll find that not only will your wall look more interesting, but you might even get the opportunity to interact with your visitors.